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As web site builders we've had a lot of experience with hosting companies, and for the most part even the good ones were lacking. It wasn't until after 3 years of trying different companies that we finally found one company that had more to offer than just promises, a company (Frontier Global One) that has specialized in server technology from the very beginning, and has now built itself into what we feel is a premiere server space provider. Hey, they are responsible for running the servers for Yahoo! and Netscape. We were so impressed that we now buy our server space in gigabytes, quantities large enough to allow us to pass on substantial savings to our clients.

Savings are nice but if your site is slow or has too much down time it means very little. That's where we really started noticing the difference, the access times were noticably faster. Our server space is physically on a fiber optic backbone so that many of the extra routing connections that other hosters have to navigate safely are out of our loop. Therefore less congestion, less down time , and best of all faster access times for your customers and faster upload/download times for you. You'll notice it the first time you upload files. Go ahead, do it at the busiest time of day. 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, access times are FAST.

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